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Suggested Use

Take one serve (2 capsules) twice daily with food. Capsules can be opened and poured into food or water as desired.

Nutrition Facts


TON1C is your livers guardian angel!

Your liver performs more than 500 vital functions in the human body. It acts as your bodies ‘filter’, removing waste such as those introduced through consumption of alcohol, medications and caffeine.

TON1C contains: N-Acetyl cysteine, TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic acid), Schisandra fruit extract, Milk thistle, D-alpha tocopherol, Zinc gluconate, Selenium, Vitamin B12.

Key Ingredients


Acknowledged as a potent antioxidant, NAC is explored for its ability to restore cellular glutathione levels, an essential antioxidant, potentially aiding cellular protection and respiratory health.


Revered in traditional medicine, Schizandra is believed to possess qualities that may help the body adapt to stress, potentially contributing to a sense of resilience in both physical and mental realms.


Integral to the body's antioxidant defenses, selenium's trace amounts in the body might aid in shielding cells from oxidative stress and potentially play a role in supporting thyroid health.


Historically associated with promoting liver health, milk thistle contains compounds like silymarin, studied for their possible support in maintaining liver function and aiding in detoxification processes.

Clean Ingredients

Using highest quality ingredients from around the globe

Proudly Australian Made

Homegrown brand designed to achieve greatness


No hidden fillers, proprietary blends, gluten-free, non-GMO & vegan


Your TON1C Questions Answered

Is TON1C gluten free?

TON1C has no added gluten, dairy or soy containing ingredients. However, it is manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, tree nuts, seeds, dairy, soy and fish containing ingredients.

Is TON1C vegan friendly?

Unfortunately TON1C is not vegan friendly.

Is TON1C keto friendly?

There are zero added sugars in TON1C so it is absolutely suitable for keto dieters.

Is TON1C Australian made?

All Day One products are proudly Australian made using the highest quality ingredients from around the globe.

What is in TON1C?

Day One Performance is proud of being 100% transparent, we design and manufacture our products under the ethos “nothing to hide”. We proudly disclose all ingredients and doses of ingredients used in Day One Performance products, and use no hidden fillers and proprietary blends. To see exactly what is in each product, check the nutritional information panel on the product page.

What is the best way to take TON1C?

TON1C is best taken with food in the morning and evening. Take 2 capsules in the morning and another 2 with an evening meal.

Can I use TON1C while on medication?

TON1C is an all natural supplement, however you should always check with your primary care provider before commencing any new supplementation.

Can TON1C be stacked with other products?

Yes! Our products are designed to have a synergistic result when stacked. TON1C can be stacked with any other Day One product.

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Always prompt & on time, will always use Day1 Performance in the future.

Phil B.
Australia Australia

Great product

I have been using this product for a few months now and it’s a game changer. Put that with the quick service and delivery. Would highly recommend.