You can operate MFB to get certain functions as below;

  1. Play / Pause /Resume When standby, click MFB(R or L) to get music play, Click again to pause, resume it with press

  2. Previous Track / Next Track When playing music, press and hold MFB (L) for 3 seconds to next track, press and hold MFB (R) for 3 seconds to previous track

  3. Volume Increase or Decrease When playing music, double-click the MFB(R) to increase the volume; double- click the MFB(L) to decrease the volume.

  4. Start voice assistant (Siri) In the Bluetooth connection state, quickly three click the MFB (L or R) to activate the voice assistant (Siri).

  5. Answer / End Call When there’s an incoming call, click MFB once to answer, you can end it by clicking MFB again.

  6. Reject an Incoming Call When there's an incoming call press and hold the MFB for 3 seconds to reject.


Q: Are the D1 Buds compatible with iPhones? A: Yes, they are compatible with iPhones.

Q: Are the D1 Buds compatible with Android smartphones? A: Yes, they are compatible with Android smartphones.

Q: Can D1 Buds be connected to a laptop/computer? A: Yes, D1 Buds can be connected to the laptop/computer as long as the latter is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity provision.

Q: Do they support Bluetooth? A: D1 Buds are best suited with Bluetooth v5.0

Q: What is the Bluetooth range from the phone/laptop? A: The Bluetooth range is less than or equal to 10m/33ft without any obstacle.

Q: Can I use Siri/Google Assistant? A: Yes, you can use Siri & Google Assistant.


Q: What is the battery backup? A: The battery backup of the D1 Buds is up to 5 hours on a single charge and backed with the charging case, they provide a total playtime of up to 32 hours. The headset can be charged 3 times a day.

Q: How much time does it take to charge the Buds? A: D1 Buds take up to 1 hour to fully charge and the magnetic case takes 2-3 hours.

Q: Do D1 Buds have fast charging provision? A: Yes, 15 Minutes of charging can bring 3 Hours of Battery life.

Q: Can D1 Buds be charged without putting them into the case? A: No, they cannot be charged without the case.

Q: Can I charge D1 Buds with my PC/laptop? A: Yes, you can charge the D1 Buds with your PC/laptop. Though it is advisable to use the charging cable provided with the device.



  1. Slide charging case out and take out both of D1 Buds, they will turn into pairing mode automatically. (Note: When taking out both of D1 Buds, you will hear of POWER ON, TWS CONNECTED, it means these two D1 Buds connect to each other and waiting for pairing of smartphone.)
  2. Active your bluetooth on your smartphone, search for “BE36” and click for pairing. The D1 Buds turn off automatically if:
    • You put D1 Buds back to the charging case.
    • When D1 Buds leave the charging case, but haven’t connect to any devices within 5 minutes. For above situation, please press and hold the MFB for 6 second to Power ON.

Q: The D1 Buds aren’t responsive when I get them from the charging case, it can’t turn on automatically? A: Please check the power of charging case, if there is no power the D1 Buds can’t turn on automatically or you can manually turn it on (long touch MFB for 2 seconds)

Q: I have established connection with my smartphones, but I am not hearing any sound? A: Please make sure that you have turned up the volume of both devices. Smartphone requires you to set up the Bluetooth D1 Buds as an audio output devices before transmission of sound. Please check the instruction of your smartphone for details. If you are using a music player or other Bluetooth devices, please make sure it supports A2DP stereos music profile.

Q: Why the connection is not stable and cuts out intermittently? A: Please make sure there are no obstacles between the D1 Buds and your Bluetooth device; please make sure there is no radio or WIFI interference nearby.

Q: The sound is not very clear/the caller cannot hear my voice clearly? A: Please adjust the volume on your phone and D1 Buds. Make sure there is no source of interference nearby. Stay close to your smartphone check if there's any improvement.


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