Ag-reed In-greed(ients): How you can make the most
of Day One ingredients in everyday life

Our fast paced lifestyle has forced us to rely on processed foods and ordering take-outs frequently due to work and other commitments. As we struggle to strike a healthy work-home balance, performing various responsibilities and coping with the ever-evolving world, it is our body that bears the brunt.

Artificity has seeped in every facet of our lives, be it how we live or what we consume. To combat these everyday pressures, we need to ditch the artificial and adopt the natural. Nature has provided us with the best, safest and effective solutions for our wellbeing. They don’t merely suit our body, their goodness leaves a long lasting effect on our overall system.

Here are some of the ingredients in Day One products that can add value to your everyday life:



Tongkat Ali, also known as Longjack, is an ergogenic herbal substance. Found on shrubby trees of sandy soils, it originates in the Southeast Asian places of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar. Both, the Malaysian ginseng and Pasak Bumi in Indonesia, boosts one’s overall performance, lowers fatigue and enhances our performance, athletic or otherwise.

While it has been traditionally consumed by generations, research has proven that regulated use restores hormonal balance, especially testosterone and cortisol. It also regulates blood sugar levels and is considered an aphrodisiac.

Due to the presence of eurypeptides, it aids in increased libido, fertility and better sexual performance. An antioxidant, it acts as a stress reliever when taken in the right amounts. It is also effective in treating fever, malaria and other such infections. Various studies continue to examine its anti-cancer properties along with its potential against osteoporosis.


Our body’s requirement of Vitamin D is rarely met through sunlight and food intake. However, if left unnoticed, the lack of Vitamin D can cause multiple health issues. A globally ignored concern, its deficiency triggers degradation of skeletal health. Muscle pains, weak joints and decreased bone density are some symptoms that may lead to Osteoporosis. For women, the Vitamin D intake has to be regulated to avoid hormonal disbalance, particularly post-menopause.
Since it is a fat-soluble substance, taking it post-meal aids its absorption. Available in capsules, chewable and dispersible tablets, liquid and wafers, the Dietary Reference Amount is 600-800 IU/d.

The dosage may vary as per age or symptoms, if any. These supplements successfully fight fatigue, reduce the chances of body inflammation (hence, cold and flu), maintain bone health and fasten the injury-healing process. Similarly, it catalyses the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in our bodies. Some studies suggest that Vitamin D intake also prevents hair loss and lowers the chances of seasonal/chronic depression, especially in older adults. Having multifarious benefits, Vitamin D keeps overall immunity ready for a better lifestyle.


With the looks of a plant, this green “Seaweed” is an alga, powered by photosynthesis, that grows collectively in kelp forests. Such forests are largely found in, but are not limited to, North American saltwater and the Pacific coast. Various forms and varieties grow on coastal fronts all over the world. It is widely consumed in Asian countries, especially in Japan.

They act as food and shelter of the aquatic fauna while also enhancing the beauty and functioning of a healthy marine ecosystem. It’s rich composition of Vitamin K, Vitamin A and B12, plus minerals, makes it beneficial for us. Additionally, the presence of calcium and iron facilitates bone-blood health and iodine supports cognitive health. Kelp and its extracts favor the functioning of the eyes, support thyroid hormone production and efficient platelet generation. Sodium alginate is another component extracted and used as a thickener for foods.

Kelp is friendly inside-out. A completely unprocessed ingredient, post-purity test, it can be added into beverages and meals. Kelp consisting of less than 225 micrograms of iodine is fit for consumption. Low fat and calories make it a healthy and light option. The carotenoids and flavonoids present help reduce internal/external inflammations. Moreover, it is famous for topical usage as it is skin-friendly. It moisturizes, heals, reduces redness, relaxes the skin with its cooling and antioxidant properties. Dried powdered supplements, capsules, sheet masks and fresh products are available easily. Further research is on to verify its usage for maintaining gut and blood sugar functions.

Excess of anything is harmful and a balanced consumption is critical for good health.
Check with the doctor to avoid over-dosage. Please comprehend the amount fit for your consumption as per your medical history/requirements.

September 08, 2021 — Day One Performance

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